how long until the Reunion and Dawn Patrol 2011?

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Re: how long until the Reunion and Dawn Patrol 2011?

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Salute You All,

Ok, let's gt back on topic. I will be sure to bring dueling super soakers for those wishing to settle any ol' scores:)

Now WHO is interested in going? I am going for sure now that I am retired (Anyway I want to have an excuse to wear my uniform:). Also Do you want to stay at the same hotel? Actually I like it because it is close to the field. I only place that would top it is to find out where the GWAA guys are staying.

Do we want a tent on the field and a LAN at the hotel?

Please start discussing this. I know it is a year away but it does take time to plan and get things started.

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Re: how long until the Reunion and Dawn Patrol 2011?

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S! all, Willi, I'm looking forward to the 2011 RB Reunion and Dawn Patrol at Dayton, Ohio and I know others are too (I wasn't able to make it to the 2009 reunion due to unexpected real life problems that happened close to the reunion time). Waldo has already stated he's going. I imagine some of the regular crew will be going: Monkey and Monkey Woman, Murph, etal. I had heard that ChipBall is planning on attending and will be flying in his own replica WW1 plane (pup?).

And yes, it wouldn't be a RB Reunion without a lan party at the motel :D And I'm sure we can get it set up so that the RB pilots who can't attend the reunion, will be able to join the RB Reunion lan party via the internet. :mrgreen:

Some of us were thinking that we might go back to the motel that we used in 1995 (Ramada) for the first RB Reunion lan party. Although it's further away from the field, it's within walking distance of several nice restaurants and fast food places, and just a very short drive away from a large shopping center (none of which are close to the current motel). It has nice amenities and the lan party room was really nice and reliable. Plus the price was right :P

When you mention a tent on the field, are you talking about a flight line lan tent, or a tent/canopy where the RB Reunion pilots can meet at on the field when they attend the air show? I personally don't want to get committed to a flight line lan; there's too much to see and do at the air show, not to mention those huge Air Force museums to explore (all free).

Mark your calendars of 23 - 25 September 2011 for the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous and RB Reunion
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